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Free Download XFileSharing Pro v3.0 – File Sharing Script Nulled. This is the latest version which was last updated on August 09, 2018. This item is created by the author from sibsoft.net. You can now Free Download XFileSharing Pro 3.0 Nulled from the download links below.

XFileSharing Pro is SibSoft’s professional file sharing script. Over 6000 of our clients are currently using this powerful platform. They all agree that XFileSharing Pro is the best solution available on the Internet today.

The script can be installed on virtual, shared, or dedicated Linux hosting environments. It is fully customizable with minimal HTML coding experience. You can utilize this powerful file sharing script to place banners, Adsense, or other advertising links on your website. XFileSharing Pro is a speedy way to get your website monetized.

For popular websites with heavy file transfer traffic, you can add as many additional servers as you need. Additional file servers can be located on different host networks – they can even be in different countries. XFileSharing Pro will aggregate the power of all your servers for ultra-quick file transfers for uploads and downloads.

Large files are no problem for XFileSharing Pro. There are no dropped upload connections when you are in the middle of file transfers. The use of dynamic symlink generation mechanisms for each downloadable file keeps the servers from getting bogged down during heavy processing times.

Featuring a scalable architecture that grows with your business, additional modules that can be added for more functionality at any time. The desktop client that can perform remote downloads using HTTP link, FTP and even download bit torrent streams.

Webmasters who are looking to monetize their websites can utilize the built-in affiliate system. Users can be offered incentives for premium sign-ups and/or downloads. Being a webmaster, you decide on the percentage that your customers can receive. Site owners can also earn with the help of this script when using Webmaster mod. Users can also resell premium accounts with Reseller mod. This is a fantastic opportunity to promote and drive website revenue.

XFileSharing Pro v3.0 Changelog

! Full IPv6 support
! Perl 5.24 and 5.26 support
! Fixed installation issues on Debian 9
! Chunked upload support in Advanced Download mod (Now can run file servers under Cloudflare)
! New responsive template
! Added API mod
! Added Backup mod with AES256 encryption support
+ Drag-n-drop upload support for directories
+ Built-in Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum and Webmoney payments
+ Alternative credit card, iDeal, Sofort, Santander and Boleto support via PayGol (Payment gateways mod)
+ FTP mod now also supports downloads
+ GDPR Compliance support
+ Admin Servers -> Import Files now respects directories structure
+ Uploaders can now set global premium-only flag for their account (if enabled in settings)
+ Improved error handling for fetching DMCA messages via IMAP (Moderator mod)
+ Removed max folders count limitation per account
+ Improved referer URL tracking
+ Improved rebills representation logic in detailed user stats
+ Video.JS support (Video & Encoding mod)
+ JWPlayer 8 support (Video & MP4 Encoding mod)
+ Added encoding queue management console (Video & MP4 Encoding mod)
+ Optional profits hold support
+ Mass torrent deletion in admin_torrents (Torrent mod)
+ Show announce URL errors in my_files interface (Torrent mod)
+ Fixed user-agent restriction issues on some private trackers (Torrent mod)
+ Fixed quirks on IPv6 setups (Torrent mod)
+ Automatically clean old stuck torrents (Torrent mod)
+ Configuration saving is now working even if cgi-bin directory is not writeable
+ Upgraded Advanced download mod core to Nginx 1.15.2
+ Improved FTP mod stability
+ Implemented optional torrent seeding until specified rate (Torrent mod)
+ Improved error handling on FastCGI setups (FastCGI mod)
+ Allow specifying title for custom pages by using language files
+ Optional short-time download tokens system
+ Now reflects actual disk usage & total space in /?op=admin_servers
+ Admin Files -> Mass Search form now accepts Advanced download mod direct links
+ Fixed MPlayer hanging (Video & MP4 Encoding mod)
+ Fixed Add to my account link on download page
+ Sign-in notifications support (Security mod)
+ Authorize.se refunds are now getting displayed in my_reports (Payment gateways mod)
+ Google Authenticator support (Security mod)
+ Optionally limit displayed downloads to paid ones only (Rewards mod)
+ Payment Plugin API now supports defining multiple submethods of the same plugin
+ Implemented Kleeja migration script
+ Yetishare migration script are now supporting multiserver configurations
+ Added manual payment transaction processing mode
+ Now can set custom file expiration time for specific user

Demo: XFileSharing Pro – File Sharing Scripts

Note: You can Free Download XFileSharing Pro v3.0 Nulled from the download links below. But remember you should never use it for commercial purpose. We’re one of the most extensive repositories under the terms of GPL (GNU General Public License) that provides premium Themes, Plugins & Scripts for testing purpose only. We promote WordPress and bloggers web design and scripts to the users globally so that you can check it before buying any theme/plugin/script from the original developer/designer. If the item fulfill your requirements and you’re satisfied with it then buy it from the author sibsoft.net for commercial use.

Free Download XFileSharing Pro v3.0 Nulled

  Download xfilesharing-pro-v3-0-file-sharing-script.zip (13.89 MB)

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